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December 20, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I stopped into a local craft store.  I am a big crafter with the best of intentions. These days I feel like I am more of a craft hoarder.  Anyway, as I went into the store I set my intention that I would only purchase the one item that I needed.  I took a deep breath and entered the door, and as soon as I did I was like the dog in “Up” pulled away from my intention by the word “squirrel” or in my case the bead aisle.  I took a deep breath, re-focused and told myself that I was only going to walk out with the one item.  As I started to turn the corner, the heavens opened and angels started to sing.  I was standing in front of the largest “adult” coloring book display.  This is how several commercials refer to this new coloring craze… “Adult coloring book”.  It makes it sound like you have to go into a secret room like when we used to go to the video store to rent a movie.  I was a goner.  What I am going to admit to is about 30 minutes later I emerged from the “adult” coloring book aisle.  I had to look at each and every one.  I am proud to say I left all but one on the shelf.  Not so proud I walked out with more than one item. I needed a new set of colored pencils to go with my new “adult” coloring book and of course my original item.    


Coloring is a great form of meditation and “adult” coloring books are everywhere.  You can find them in all themes and sizes, I love the actual book, but there are also great sights that offer free print outs.  I have provided a link to several from doodle art alley, she has great designs.   Please click on these links to print out and enjoy both a Christmas coloring page and/or a reindeer coloring page.  Turn on some Christmas music.  Get your favorite coloring tool and enjoy this fantastic stress relief meditation.


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