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About Nicol

Nicol SchnitzerHello, my name is Nicol Schnitzer, owner of Concierge For Your Soul.


I am a Colorado Native. My husband and I have enjoyed 29 years together and have two amazing kids, currently attending college. As a family we enjoy spending time together.

For the last 25 years I have been a licensed nail technician, during this time I went back to college and earned my associates degree in Interior Design. Though both of these careers have been very fulfilling, the universe has showed me that I have yet another calling of helping people through the very special gift of intuitive healing and spirit medium.


I would love to romance you with some great stories about how I always knew I was "gifted", the truth is that I have not lived with this knowledge. It was not until my late 30's that spirit turned up the volume. I do not have any amazing childhood stories about seeing ghosts, have a talking animal, or even a near death experience. I do think I had an imaginary friend, only because it was the cool thing to do!


It is easy telling someone that I do nails or that I am an interior designer, but try telling someone that you see, speak and hear spirits. The first person that I told was my husband; his response was "that makes a lot of sense." What? After 25 years together, that is what makes sense! Ok...It was clear that spirit was not going to let me walk away from this. So I went to work.


After several years of working with some amazing mentors, taking endless classes and reading everything that I could get my hands on, people and books. I have stopped trying to figure out why or what changed, but instead I have embraced that my true talent allows me to speak with spirits or help people find solace through spiritual guidance. 


I knew that my new career choice was going to leave me open to skeptics, but I figured what the heck. I understand that I did not have a choice but to embrace and strengthen my talent as an intuitive and spirit medium.


I am currently practicing my metaphysical calling in Aurora, Colorado where I am available for personal readings and parties throughout the Denver Metro Area. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you with your spiritual needs.


Blue Sky Lightning


This year, I launched a boutique shop called Blue Sky Lightning, which features my handmade accessories. You can find it here.



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